Jump Start your Partner Co-Sell Revenue with WorkSpan

Drive more Hyperscaler co-sell revenue with your ecosystem flywheel

According to IDC, global digital transformation (DX) expenditure will reach $7.1 trillion by 2023. And 76% of company leaders say that current business models will be unrecognizable in the next five years because of ecosystems.

The time is now! If you’re not already taking steps to transform your partner organization to take advantage of co-selling with your ecosystem partners, you’ll be left behind. 

WorkSpan can help you get started today! After helping organizations such as SAP, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, ActionIQ, VMWare, and many others, it's time to discover how WorkSpan can be a game-changer for you.

• Run Partner Co-Sell as a Data-Driven Business:

We link to your partner's CRMs and instantly sync opportunity and account data. This means you can:

          • Stop managing co-sell business on spreadsheets

          • Move your deals faster

          • Be more responsive

          • Improve your customer buying experience

• Drive Effective Ecosystem Co-Sell Collaboration:

With WorkSpan, you and your partners can be perfectly aligned on each co-sell opportunity, efficiently executing your sales processes, and closing more business together.

• Manage Co-Sell at Ecosystem Scale:

Set up integrations with your business systems just once and apply to every partnership in your ecosystem. Define your business process and apply the workflow globally to ensure consistency across partners in all regions.

• Co-Sell with Me:

With just a few easy steps, partner organizations can now start joint planning, collaborate on joint opportunities, share/ receive referrals and track performance with a strong reporting and analytic engine.


Aashnee Kamboj

Product Specialist


Alex Pilson

Senior Solution Engineer


Grow Revenue Faster Co-Selling with Partners

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