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If you’re co-selling with your partners today and don’t have an automation platform, you know the problem. Your day is filled with managing spreadsheets with your co-sell partners: Updating deal status, manually reconciling changes that show up in your CRM, checking with your partner on their latest updates, updating spreadsheets after cadence calls. And don’t even get me started with getting ready for QBRs!

And what does that mean to the business? It’s not good. It means longer deal cycles, inability to chase more deals, missed opportunities, and difficulty tracking what’s happening with the shared pipeline with your partner - let alone what’s happening across regions and with other partners.

WorkSpan is your digital home for your co-sell programs with partners -- a shared system to plan, build and execute multi-way sales plans that span from pro-pipeline to pipeline to deal close. 

Learn how WorkSpan can help you: 

  • Run Co-Sell as a Data-Driven Business:  We link to your and your partners' CRMs (like Salesforce!) and instantly sync opportunity and account data. With WorkSpan's data syncing options, you can stop managing the co-sell business on spreadsheets, move faster, be more responsive, and improve the end-customer buying experience.

  • "Four-In-a-Box" for True Co-Sell Collaboration: With WorkSpan, everyone working a deal is now perfectly aligned on each co-sell opportunity. Not only do we connect you with your partners' partner managers, but with CRM/Salesforce integration, you've now looped in both of your' field sales teams as well! It's four-in-a-box for true co-sell alignment!

  • Manage Co-Sell at Ecosystem Scale: Set up integrations with your business systems, such as CRMs, just once and apply to every partnership in your ecosystem - plus hyperscalers are already pre-integrated. Define your business process and apply the workflow globally to ensure consistency across partners in all regions.

  • Co-Sell with Me: WorkSpan's “Co-Sell with Me” offering delivers partnering organizations a much-needed edge in co-selling, right from day one. With just a few easy steps, partner organizations can start joint planning, collaborate on joint opportunities, share/receive referrals, and track performance with a strong reporting and analytic engine.


Nitin Mathur

Senior Product Marketing Manager


George Navarro

Director of Solution Engineering


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